Proveri Inc. was founded by Dan Mercola, M.D., Ph.D. and Michael McClelland, Ph.D. on the research results funded by the National Cancer Institute and the Department of Defense. Waldemar Lernhardt, Ph.D. joined the founding team as CEO to develop commercially viable products for the prostate cancer diagnostic market. Proveri Inc. licensed the proprietary technology resulting from 10 years of research to develop diagnostic and prognostic tests for patients with newly suspected prostate cancer and post-prostatectomy patients who need to now whetehr they have aggressive or indolent disease.

Revolutionary range of clinical prostate cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests, based on sets of biomarkers, enable personalized treatment decisions. High accuracy of biomarker sets across patient populations has been clinically validated on large patient cohorts. Proveri products will lead to a significant increase of prostate cancer patients’ quality of life and a substantial reduction of related medical cost.