August 2013: Dr. Mercola presents recent results at the CHI meeting “Biomarkers and Diagnostics“ entitled “Use of the microenvironment to develop diagnostic and prognostic multigene profiles for prostate cancer” in Washington, D. C.

July 2013: Proveri Presentation at “First Look LA”, Sponsored by Office of Tech transfer UCI

January 2013: Dr. Mercola Selected to Receive DOD Grant Award;

 April 2011: Proveri Press Release on New Cancer Research

 April 2011: AACR Press Release – New Method for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

November 2011: Dr. Dan Mercola featured on University of California Irvine website.

 October 2010: Dr. Mercola Selected to Receive EDRN Grant Award

 July 2009: Proveri awarded NCI SBIR Phase I Contract

November 2009: Top Innovator Award New England Venture Summit